How To Acquire Clients For Web Design and Development

One of the major factors that determine the success of a business is the ability to find and retain clients. Freelance web designers are not an exception to this somewhat general rule. Below are straightforward and practical tips that would help not only freelance website designers but also every other business to get clients and keep them.

1. Use the right tools

Clients do not just appear at your door asking for your service. You have to acquire the tools and connections needed to prospecting seamlessly. Below is an overview of the different tools needed by every freelancer/business looking to find web development clients:

A well-optimized website

A well-optimized website does not necessarily have to be complex or sophisticated. The major factor here is to ensure that the website shows up in the SERPs when prospective clients search for your services.

A customer-focused sales copy and strong value proposition is a way of making visitors hire you.

  • Social media
  • The emergence of different social channels has allowed businesses to connect with their customers easily. Freelancers do not need to be on every social channel but should make their presence felt where their target audience use the most.

    Social media should be an engagement tool for you.

  • A blog
  • A good web designer needs to showcase his or her skills and knowledge and starting a blog is a perfect platform for this. Starting a blog or guest posting for other blogs helps to develop trust and credibility of your prospective clients. This could also form part of your Internet marketing strategy.

  • LinkedIn
  • This is particularly useful for networking with other designers and potential clients. LinkedIn has been described as many as the best networking channel for professionals.

    To use LinkedIn, you need to create a keyword-rich profile that has a professional description and a professional image. The next step is to be a partaker rather than an onlooker, by joining groups that are related to your skills and interact with fellow members.

2. Become an expert at working with clients

It is important to note that most sales are closed after contacting the prospect a couple of times. Therefore, you need to learn how to work with clients. As a business, you need to build a relationship, trust, and credibility so that customers can feel comfortable giving you their business.

Some tips to help you work better with clients are mentioned below:

  • Be personal
  • Prospective clientele wants to feel like you understand the problems they are facing and you have the solutions to them. However, your skill set is just one part of the total package. Clients usually have more than one solution provider to choose from and in most cases, go for the one they like most. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are likable.

    Every conversation with your prospects should show that you understand and know them. Get personal with your clients but avoid crossing the line. It is also important to follow up with your customers – prospective and existing.

    There are cases where customers ask questions as regards the difference between a WordPress, a Joomla, Drupal and any platform. In such situations, you go a step further to explain why one platform is particularly valuable for their business as compared to others.

  • Make it all about your clients
  • Be as customer-centric as possible when dealing with your customers. Every opportunity to reach out to your patrons should be seen as a way of touching them. From your emails to your blogs or websites, always ensure that you focus on the needs of your clients. This could also be included as part of your strategy for online management.

3. Master the fine art of pricing

Pricing is about value. People do not mind paying if you offer them value. Therefore, your job should be to deliver more than the expectation of your client. Adding value does not have to be something major. Little things like giving progress reports to your customer or asking them for input as you progress makes your clients feel more valued.

The goal is to ensure that your customers feel they got more than what they bargained for and you can be sure of getting referrals and having repeat customers.

The tips mentioned above will go a long way in helping you find clients for web design.