SEO FAQ 1 (15 Jul’ 16)

Everyday ,  I try to answer SEO questions around the Internet. Below are the FAQ session for 15 July ’16.


From : malikzee

I produced hundreds of backlinks and still google is not caching my article any reason. though my domain is 6 weeks old but previous article was ranked in google.

Does your pbn links article has a video? If yes , ping via video-sitemap. Still works great for indexing. Usually within a day or two.



From : Codliver

I recently made 3 new websites (all on brand new domains). Prior to this I had not made any sites since early 2015.

I’ve made dozen of sites in 2014 and 2015, and I know that a brand new site with no links, where the page(s) is optimized correctly for the keyword, will always land somewhere in the 50th-200th position on google, always. And this will happen within 3 days of publishing a new site. Sure, it may take months to a year to hit the first few pages, but you will always land within the top 200 positions nearly immediately if the website is set up correctly.

However, this doesnt seem to apply anymore as of 2016. All 3 of the new sites I’ve made in the past few months have yet to have any of their pages even show up in the top 200 positions of google. And it’s been about 2 months.

I am wondering if there was an algo this year that basically made it so any brand new website will not even show up in google until it gets some amount of traffic or links to it, or meets a certain time frame? I am positive all of my new websites are not suffering from any penalization issues. So it cannot be that problem.

Edit: All sites and pages are indexed in google.


Yes, Google is definitely stricter with indexing and ranking in 2016.

You need to make your website ‘more’ valuable in Google’s eyes.

This can happen naturally over a hundred years or you can build “votes” to your website.

1. I presumed you have not build any backlinks to the homepage? If not, you have will to create a LOT of pages and wait for the Google juice to saturate your website before they will automatically rank for terms.

2. My advice is to go build some social and contextual article links to your homepage and blog post. Just a few every week. The anchor text will help greatly.

3. Add your website into WMT. My sites alway rank better and faster without many backlinks when they are inside WMT. It encourages google to crawl your content faster.



From : auet xa

please tell me how to improve seo is good for what it is.???

Just think of SEO as getting Votes.

How do you determine whether something, someone or whatever is the BEST?

You do that by looking at Votes.

In the real world, quantity wins. In google world, they have rating to determine the weight of your vote.

Getting a vote from a person who has already many votes is stronger than one who has few votes.

And a contextual vote holds the higher weight among all.

Did I make it simpler for you :eek: